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Towing/Chartering Division

Our Towing Division is designed to meet all of your barge transportation needs.  We have a wide variety of towboats and horsepower to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  We have towboats ranging from 200 HP through 6,000 HP, including sternwheeler towboats for shallow draft operations.  Our boats travel on the Ohio River and its tributaries.  In addition to providing the horsepower to move the barges, we also offer fleeting services on and around the Kanawha River.  We also utilize our smaller boats for harbor services wherever needed.  Please contact us today to see how our Towing Division can help you move your barges and equipment!

Did you know?

River transportation is one of the most efficient methods of moving bulk commodities.  The inland waterway system of rivers is vitally important to our national economy.

Above are some sample photos of some of the boats utilized in our towing division.